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Noob Requesting Help and Advice


Hi guys.

I'm new to the digital camcorder scene and I'm totally lost what to buy.

I have a very limited budget and my main reason for purchase is for simple capture of events like the kids school concerts, holidays etc.

As I'm not a rich man (I'm a humble classroom/teaching assistant) on low wages I'm hoping to get the best bang for my buck on an HD model. 1080i would be great but 720p much the same would suffice.

On a few reviews I've read I like the sound of the current wave of features included on most bottom range Pannasonic models but even those are just out my reach.
As said I'm on a very modest budget and I'm looking to spend between £200 and £270 GBP's.

I've came across two Sammy models that are within the range of my wallets ever diminishing size that upon further investigation seem to produce a decent enough picture for my needs with their limited power.

These are...

Samsung Q10 Full HD
Samsung HMX-H200

I was hoping someone could tell me the better of the two and if I may be so daring I was also hoping someone could even suggest a better model for my embarrassed budget.

Ta muchly



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I remember someone saying the HMX200 was a good 200quid cam. Is 200quid your budget? I'm not sure of the prices right now. You can get a pretty outstanding standard def cam for 200 though.


Hi mate. I could push the boat to 300 at a shove.

I like the idea of the HMX allowing x264 instead if just AVCHD as it could prove useful.

Thanks for replying :)


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There were a few good 300quid cameras but they've all stopped production and the replacements are brand new so a bit more expensive right now. AVCHD is a bit of a pain right now cos it's new so x264 is useful.

Remember you'll need memory cards and maybe spare batteries.


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For school use, can't you borrow the school's camcorder? This removes Cost and issues with tech performance . .. and you should get a decent trripod included.

Also be wary of the issues filming children, it being pretty difficult to get permission from every parent - and then what if one objects?

On a tech point; beware that budget camcorders have poor low-light performance.... essential for auto-focus. Be wary also about sound - it will be aweful, unless recorded close to the action - very difficult without co-operation during the performance. I think yr budget means secondhand.... try the Noticeboard, perhaps.
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Well I ended up going for a Panasonic as I knew I.A. suited my introduction to Camcording needs more.

Really looking forwards to getting into the full range of features and knowing how and when to utilise each implemented feature and mode.

Thanks for any replies.

The model I finally opted for was the Panny HDC-SD60

HDC-SD60 - Specification - Panasonic UK & Ireland

Which I must say feels like and has the looks of a quality product.
Now in the midsts of considering my editing software now.

It's a two horse race between Sony Vegas of some variety and Power Director.

ATM I reckon PD has the edge because of the reviews I've read that claim it works well and takes full advantage of a x64 system. I'm sitting on a Sabdybridge x4 core i5 @ 3.2 ghz so to have that fully utilised is a big advantage and will no doubt offer a more pleasurable experience. :)


With Sony Movie Studio HD 10 Platinum Suite available for around £35 I would find it hard to look elsewhere as that is a great price IMHO. I moved to this from Adobe Premiere Pro (~2003 version, so quite old) and have not found anything I can't do with it yet.
I'm also running a Sandy Bridge PC, but haven't done any editing since the upgrade from a C2D PC so will have to wait to see how well it performs until I get my next project.


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