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Noob questions regarding PC TV Tuners


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Firstly, I know very little about PCs so please be gentle :D.

I'm finishing off my AV room and need to finish a few things off. I'd been thinking of buying a DVD/PVR combo and then I suddenly thought why not get a TV card for the PC instead - one less bit of kit that I don't have space for and more flexibility?

I'm sure more questions will arise, but for starters:

- There appears to be DVB-T and DVB-S, the former for free-to-air and the latter satellite. Is this correct?
- Can you use a SKY dish for DVB-S signals or are these locked in any way tp prevent it? I currently own SKY HD which will be moving down into the AV room and I have run 4 LNB down to the cellar. Can I connect my SKY HD and a dual tuner for my PC?
- Do the free-to-air cards (DVB-T2?) support free-to-air HD channels (BBC HD, ITV HD etc.?). I assume that these take normal RHF aerial cables? How would you connect a dual tuner from a single aerial?
- What cards are the most reliable?
- I have a Intel Pentium 3.4Ghz processor and 3GB RAM (so my PC hardware list tells me - pretty sure I only have 2GB). Is this sufficient to run a dual tuner card and other applications?
- Is there any other pertinent info I need regarding buying and installing TV tuner cards? I assume they come with software, but are there any other packages out there that are necessary/preferable?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the clueless questions :thumbsup:


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Any help out there?


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1. Your computer is alright in terms of specs.

2. Don't know much about DVB-S (satellite) but can answer freeview questions.

3. Most computer freeview cards will or should be able to support HD channels in the future. However, this depends highly on the company that makes the card updating their software to allow you (most won't I reckon).

Dual tuner freeview cards only need 1 aerial for the signal, but have two tuners.

Nop, just buy the card, it should come with everything. However, make sure that it has a remote (if needed by you), and you may need to use a signal booster, depending on your location.


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get a dvb-s2 card, hook up to a spare lnb on your sky dish. Using dvbviewer will give you all the freesat channels, including bbchd and itv hd. you will not get itv hd on a dvb-t card of any description

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