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poppa fred

Hi there,

*completely* new to this. Have a couple of questions:

I'm moving into a new flat with my girlfriend in about 4 weeks time and we want to get a wall mounted plasma screen TV for the living-room.

It's going to be hooked into a home cinema system (not sure which one yet), various games consoles (PS2, GC etc) and possibly a PC via a Hercules 9800se AIW card.

Which 32" - 37" plasma screen TV should we get?

(Budget £2k - £3k)

Wall-mounting - which bracket should we get? (Some of them are £300. Why are they so expensive? Should we be paying this much?)

Retailer - Where should we buy from? (We need someone who will deliver as it needs to go up 4 flights of narrow stairs)


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At that size id go for a panasonic 37ins model.

best 37ins there is for plasma.

try www.leconcepts.com There prices are very good

they do the 42ins for £2299 which is a great price.

poppa fred


Will the Panasonic one be able to output from a HTPC?


All plasmas can display a PC picture, but at that size there are no suitable high resolution displays. HCPC and low res plasma is not straightforward. PM me, or Joe, for a chat about this if you like, it's several pages of typing to explain all the ins and outs.


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same as maw realy. i would only use a PC with a 50ins screen due to the resolution restrictions of the smaller standard def sets.

you can use a PC on these but it will downscale the resolution to fit the screen.

so if your PC output 1024x768 this will be downscaled dependent to the native res off the plasma. In the panasonics case 852x480.

a pioneer 50ins for example would be 1280x768, which is a bit more PC friendly

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