Noob question: BF3 in 3D on Mac bootcamp


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Needs some advice fellas, so I thought I'd reach out to the experts. Been aching to play BF3 in 3d!!

I have a quad-core intel i7 Macbook Pro 2011, on which I am planning to install Windows 7 (64bit) on bootcamp. I have seen that is possible to the run the game on youtube, so no issues there.

With the 3D patch update for BF3 on PC, I want to know will it be supported on the Mac? Stupid question, I know.

The Nvidia website says the system requirements, which I seem to have, but then will the 3d signal pass through the mini-hdmi to hdmi adapter to my Acer h5360BD projector?

Bit of a tricky one that?

Then as after thought, I've heard there is a driver to allow for ps3 controllers to be used as joysticks. Anyone doing this?

Thanks guys!


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I ran the beta of bf3 on my 2011 i7 MacBook Pro and it just handled it on low with some insane heat temperatures...

I then sold it for £1700 and bought my desktop of greater spec for £1000

Buy yourself a desktop is my advice

From a mac lover
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Does your video card in your MacBook even support 3D?


Well you should check the specs on the AMD website and not the nVidia website as you mentioned in your OP, or was that a typo?


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Cool, you should just be able to set the projector to your main monitor and then turn on 3D mode. As long as you're outputting via HDMI and receiving via HDMI you should be OK.


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KhalJimbo, thanks. But thats another issue. The Macbook pro doesn't have HDMI out. It has thunderbolt/mini-hdmi which needs an adapter to hdmi. I'm worried that I can't run the 3D image out of the computer.


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I should imagine the mini HDMI with a HDMI converter should do the trick. It passes the same signal so it shouldnt matter really. Just give it a try.

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