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Hi guys first post and big one at that but long time lurker, i need help picking a set top box for my home cinema projection project, (i call it a project because this is my first real attempt at building/setting up a home cinema system not just for speakers but hardware and blackout decor AND lounge area decor)and any input you guys can give me on the products i am using or need to. I will list everything below.

For my future room set up: i have separated half of my spare room at the very back with a curtain pole attached to the ceiling going from wall to wall holding top to floor black blackout fabric curtains. On the front wall is a small window with a blackout blind and blackout curtains, on the left is the lounge area with a black leather sofa bed and several black leather matching ottomans to bring out space and that wall is where the projector and dvd player etc will hang on a 3 tier black glass shelving mount. On the right wall is the projector screen fully expanded.
Along with alot of wires and cable trunking, I will need to paint the walls so there nice and fresh but not sure what walls to paint black, will probably paint them all black just for that extra cinema feel. I plan on adding a mounted mini fridge or be creative and put it in an ottoman and also putting up shelf's for the remotes and drink holders and dvds games etc.
I need to get the 3 tier wall stand mounted and then i can continue to finish the future room set up. So just waiting on a joiner i know to mount it exactly where it needs to be in the middle of the wall at the certain height.
If anyone is curious i have set up the project before for testing obv, and got a great audio and projection from my dvds and youtube the ps3 looks better on it but i took my ps4 in one time(there all in cable trunking so hard and annoying to change)and playing gta online on a wall is complete mayhem and is so epic.
Behind the curtains ATM is the same layout as above just no screen up or 3 wall stand tier yet:
black ink blackout thermal curtains
big black curtain pole
wall stand (Waiting to put up)IMG_0369.JPG
32" led bush tv
5.1 330w lg ss (2 tall rear speakers, 2 small front 1 center 1 sub)
lg dvd hd player

ps3(i have ps4 in my living room and a ps3 in my room, managed to get a cheap used ps3 a few years ago when there was no ps4 for my room, so using that atm until i get another ps4 or a xbox one)
ALL OF THIS ON A: black glass tv stand
1 x black leather sofabed
4 x black leather ottomans(to greatly increase sofa bed size)

Set Top Box:
This is only bit i dont have yet as i was expecting to use the aerial and autotune the freeview channels on my projector(see everything below)I am looking at this one: Panasonic HWT250EB / Panasonic DMR-HWT250EB (HWT250) PVR Review ... This one seems to have everything i need in it but one thing, can i use this box to download an app, utorrent and d/l to the 1tb hdd or usb and play or is there better cheaper dearer whatever box instead specifically? I know there are the cheap mq mqz android boxes that it can be done on easily, but i have had a few of them and there terribly slow and unreliable. Thanks guys this is what i need help with, the rest below is of my home cinema projection set up.

my projector:
Full HD LCD LED Projector 4000LM 6500:1 1080p Home Cinema Theater HDMI USB VGA
not the best choice of projector i choose :/ as aerial does not work and only has 2 hdmi ports so i got 2 4xway hdmi splitters so now got everything hooked up just not on wall yet)
the seller is a complete joke and idiot, told me before all i needed to do was plug my aerial in and auto tune the channels... can't because that specific projector antenna in there words, " About the TV antenna, this mode only built-in analog TV tuner, as we known your country is using digital TV now. You should have bought our A8(AD) model which has built-in DVBT digital TV tuner if you want to use the TV function ". If i wanted that one i would of needed to ship out the very heavy og projector out of the e.u which would cost an arm and leg + £30 odd on top of that to 'upgrade', so i thought about it and decided to keep with what i have.

projector screen:
pull down, white front black rear 150cm x 150cm which is just few cms off of the width of the wall, alot smoother and lighter projection when on this screen, very noticeable.
Wall Mounted Projection Projector Screen OHP NEW 150cm

lg ss 5.1 hd dvd player:
LG DH4430P 5.1 FULL HD Home Cinema System 330W DVD Player HDMI DVIX USB
LG DH4430P 5.1 FULL HD 330W max + sub HCSOUNDSYSTEM
front hd dvd player
2 rear tall speakers
2 front l/r speakers
1 front speaker
1 sub woofer
I was in 2 minds with this system having had a 5.1 1000w hd blu ray sony system which was far more complicated to set up, i assumed the sound would not be that good, far from the truth the sound is excellent.

That's pretty much all i have including 2x20m hdmi cables, 2x20m lan cables, 2x20m rca cables and power cables, 2 hd splitters to get it all working. If you have read this far then i take my hat off to you lol, but any advice on a solid powerful set top box or alternatives but needs to be able to access apps like utorrent so i can d/l and play them and d/l other apps
Thanks for any input and sorry for this terribly long nooby post lol.

FYI ppl interested i have put up a few pics of where i am at now with the project. If i made it difficult to explain the pictures should put everything into proportion. ATM everything runs through the TV built in freeview, dvd player and ps3 and so i packaged up the projector and other stuff out the way, till i get my 3 black glass tier wall mount up.


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