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Noob - Panasonic TH-42PE30 plasma - Picture not central



Not really sure how to word this but I'll give as much info as I can.

I've set up my Panasonic DMR-E65 DVD recorder using component, set to "progressive on" and the picture seems to be too far left. So much so, that any writing on the left side of the picture has the edge cut off. This doesn't happen on the right side.

Any ideas ??

I'm watching Alien vs Predator (region 2).


You should probably leave progressive off. Your screen can do it better itself, I'd imagine.


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I get that with my PWD7 - how do we turn progressive off? :confused:


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dickst3 said:
I get that with my PWD7 - how do we turn progressive off? :confused:
That depends upon your DVD player. It'll be a setting that's on your DVD player menu. Your TV will detect whether a component signal is progressive or interlaced and react accordingly.


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