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Nov 26, 2011
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I'm wondering if someone could help me please?

I've basically gone to town and got lots of electronics but would like a decent set up guide please.

I have;

LG 3D Television with 3 HDMI slots
Panasonic Blu Ray Home Cinema surround sound with 1 HDMI slot
Apple TV with 1 HDMI slot
Sony PS3 with 1 HDMI slot

I would like to be able to play everything through the home cinema so that I get amazing sound but can't work out how to link everything so that there is a seamless system.

At the moment I have

Into the TV -
HDMI 1 - Sky
HDMI 2 - Home Cinema / PS3 (this is linked to an HDMI splitter)
HDMI 3 - Apple TV

From the Home Cinema I have a digital audio wire into a splitter that links off to the digital audio slots on each of the devices so that I can get surround sound on each device.

This seems to work although I have a slight sound delay when I use the home cinema surround sound when I use Sky and Apple TV.

Is there anyway I can link everything to the home cinema system and then go straight into the TV so that I don't have to worry about using so many splitters?

If it helps the Home Cinema is link to my wireless home network and I'm not fussed about having surround sound on the PS3 because I play DVD/Blu Rays through my home cinema system.

Please please please help.

Many thanks
You can apply audio delay on the sky box by going into the sound settings. Does your home cinema system not allow you to apply audio delay to cure the lip sync. I'm not familiar with apple tv but there is a dedicated sub forum for it within the apple owners forum. I don't think it would help in this case but please list model numbers in your questions. Not every piece of equipment is the same. To answer your question, no it isn't possible. Your best bet is to change the system for one that has sufficient inputs for all your sources and that can adjust lip sync ie an AV receiver and separate speakers.
Unfortunately Davepuma is right. The Bluray system you have isn't designed to accomodate multiple pieces of source equipment. It's designed to play blu-rays in surround sound, that's usually about it. If you want lots of sources all with surround sound i would recommend the same as Dave, an AV receiver with enough inputs for all your sources. Depending on the Ohm rating of your speakers you could still use them with the AV receiver but be careful because if its wrong you can blow the speakers and or damage your nice new receiver!

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