noob needs help setting up sub


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Please help

I have a kef 5005 speaker system and sub. However i dont have a clue how to set the sub up. I have three knobs:

input level
crossover frequency
phase adjust

Thereis also a switch for manual/auto and music/cinema

The amp driving it all is a denon 3805.

Please help as i just turn the knobs at randon and either i cant hear it or its vibrating the house down.The neighbour complained that his radiator was vibrating

My understanding of a sub is that you shouldt really hear it booming

I know noobie questions are kinda boring to you experts but we all needed help at some stage?



I would have a read of this thread How to install a subwoofer FAQs & Guides

But to start with you're Denon amp will handle the crossover usually approx 80hz so disable the subs xover by turning it to it's max setting, also an SPL meter would come in handy for calibrateing the levels of all speakers to 75db and use the input level / gain to increase the subs volume...the key to setting a sub up correctly is finding it's best placement and that position is where the bass will sound it's best, and some music with good bass content can be played while moveing it around to find that placement. you may need to alter the phase adjust aswell depending on position.

The manual/auto switch is probably best left in the manual position.

The Cinema and Music setting must be some form of EQ or roll off for the sub so use this setting when desired.

Hope that helps a bit.


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Concur with all the above. Got more or less the same set up myself (got a 2805 rather than a 3805) so if you need any more help, give us a shout. Just a quick point though - if, like myself, you don't have an SPL meter, I found that the Denon's auto set up, using the mic was very quick and easy. As far as I can tell, it is accurate too as it all sounds excellent.


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