Noob needs cables help


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Wondering if you guys can help me out. I have got Boston Acoustics SoundWare XS 5.1 and a pioneer vsx 920 receiver.

Problem, I dont have any cables and silly me assumed I would get some with buying this stuff :D....

Can anyone recommend what cables/stuff I need to connect these together. Again apologies for what seems to be such a simple quandary but when it comes to the world of speaker wires I really dont have a clue.

Cheers in advance.



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I am in the same boat as you wingZero21, I'm clueless about cables! (and I don't want to hijack your post). I just received my Onkyo HT-S6405 system and would like to extend the rear speakers something like 13meters. What cable is best and most affordable to run around a room (not in the walls).

Hopefully the answer to your question wingZero21, can answer mine too! :D


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allot of people wont answer your questions because some believe cables make a difference and some don't .

not sure of your budget but chord and van den hul are a good place to start chord have lots of types for all budgets and have a good rep

they do a line of speaker cable called (Chord Leyline speaker cable) its a good quality cable with all the bells and whistles take of ,

not sure if this helps


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Dedicated speaker cable is the way forward for best sound quality, something like 16/2 is whats needed good luck


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Not wishing to start ANOTHER cable debate,there are enough of those going on already:)

However,IMO much nonsense is spoken about the "Quality"of varying cables with many stating that you have to pay more to get better performance.

Don't waste your money on gimmicky coloured cable coating with the manufactures name printed into it and glowing endorsements of how it "Brings out the subtle nuances of the soundtrack". All you'll be doing is lining the pockets of the Snake Oil salesman.

Anyway if you want to spend £2.50 a metre,then the Chord leyline cable is as good as any

If you want to save money with no discernible loss of performance then any Oxygen Free Copper cable of between 1.5mm and 2.5mm diameter will be fine.Something like this;

If you want to explore the opinions of others,much,much better qualified than me,then have a read of THIS THREAD

Good luck,



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Hey guys, thanks for the replies!

I went ahead and bought as seen in some other threads. I am currently awaiting for it to be delivered, but to be honest, from my research as I thought it would be best to go for the thickest (2.5mm) for the rear speakers due to their distance. And also it was the best price per meter out there on the net!

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