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I have just bought a second hand Samsung samsung ue32b6000, like it a lot, but the sound is pretty poor (I hear that a lot of leds have the same problem).

I don't want a home cinema, I just want to attach a couple of speakers so that it is less rubbish: cheap and cheerful i'm afraid! There is an optical out but my little mini hifi (old Denon) doesn't have optical in, just phonos.

I've just ordered a Humax Freeview HD fox t2 which I read is a fairly old model but should be pretty solid (fingers crossed). I believe that will have analogue phono outputs so hopefully that'll work. A couple of questions that bug me about all of this though:

- In general is it better to take your sound output from your TV, your freeview box, or your Blu-ray player? Is there a downside to using any of those over any of the others? Or does it depend on the make/model of each piece of equipment?

- If I were to pick up a cheap second hand audio receiver that was, say 6.1 compatible, eg:

panasonic SA-XR70 5025232297542 | eBay

Does it matter if I don't have 6 speakers attached to it? I assume I still need at least one subwoofer? Do the speakers have to be compatible with that particular receiver?

As you may have gathered I have no clue at all about this stuff!


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You could add a cheap DAC (digital to analogue converter) to the TV's output to connect it to the Denon. I seem to recall someone recommending a Fiio model a week or so back.

Most AV Receivers are compatible with any speakers providing they are around 6-8ohms. The subwoofer normally connects from the sub pre-out connection to an RCA input on the sub using a subwoofer (single RCA) cable. Unfortunately the Panasonic model you linked to doesn't state which subwoofer connection it has. To be brutally honest, I would stick to a Denon, Yamaha, Onkyo, Pioneer. Check the rear panel, if it has standard speaker posts then it will be okay but some of the slimmer models like the one you linked to might have shipped with their own speakers and therefore might not be compatible with another brand of speakers. If in doubt ask before you buy. You don't need a subwoofer but it obviously adds to the cinematic experience to re-produce the lower frequencies.

However, I believe you'll be fine with your Humax unit if it has analogue audio out.

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