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Hello All,
I'm new to VR. I had ordered an Index, but then was given a Quest 2 as a gift -- so I cancelled my order for the Index. (I figure the Q2 will help me determine if I like VR gaming and eventually I can upgrade to a better device if needed.)

The Quest 2 arrives today. I bought a generic/compatible pc link cable, headphones, and carry case to protect it. I ordered a powerful gaming PC with a 3080 GPU back in early October and it also arrives today. Been a long wait! The gaming PC was purchased for my golf simulator studio, but I also figured it would be perfect for VR and the space is perfect as well.

I just want to get a few things straight in my head so I don't mess up configuring everything when I get it)

1) I want to play games on SteamVR. (Half Life: Alyx, Boneworks, Medal of Honor, etc.) Do I just need to install steam on the new computer and make the purchases through my Steam account and when I connect the Quest 2 to the gaming computer with the pc link cable, I will then just launch Steam and the game I want to play?
2) Do I need to "Sideload" steam games or is that just for games stored on the headset? (I'm assuming the steam games I purchase will be stored on the gaming pc -- hopefully that is the correct assumption.)
3) If a game is in the Oculus store and in the Steam store, which one should I purchase? Or, does it make a difference? I have seen references to "crossplay" in a few of the threads, but still not quite sure exactly what would be best.

Thanks for the help.


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1:that all seems about right if using the cable.
2:again correct, no side loading ( sidequest )of games required if playing steam games.
3:if you intend on always running the pc when playing quest 2 then i would buy in steam. if you buy in oculus store and you intend on again just running from pc then you must be buying a " rift only game ". what i mean is .. in oculus store when you look at the games on the right you will see a list of compatible headsets. if oculus is listed next to the rift then this is " crossbuy". which means if you buy it,the next time you put on your headset and look in the store in the headset you should see that the game you just got is now free to download and after this install you will not need to have your PC turned on to play this game.
1) Yup.

2) There's no need to sideload anything unless you want to play Steam or Rift games wirelessly.

3) If you plan to use the Quest 2 as a standalone headset as well as a PC VR headset then your best bet is to look for cross-buy games then buy them on the Rift/Quest Store, sometimes these games are different prices so best to check the price of the game on both Stores and buy the cheapest one.

If I have a choice between Steam or the Rift Store I always personally buy from the Rift Store because GabeN REALLY doesn't need to eat more doughnuts 😲😂😂😂 plus Oculus have done MUCH more to promote VR than Valve.

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