Noob first time build help plz.


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Hi folks i am wanting to build my ideal pc. with the following aims.
Games machine ie good graphics card and at least 2gig mem.
Music server with output to Surround Amp via optical or coax.( whats the best music card )
Blu ray capable, over vga to my lcd.
I would like a Home theater case as it will go on my hifi rack .
my budget is only 750.00 is this doable ?
Thx for any advice :thumbsup:


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Decent mobo with onboard audio and spdif out onboard (P35 board) - you don't need a "good music card" if you're outputting to a surround amp via digital, it isn't going to make a blind bit of difference anyway - best part of a ton
Intel Quad - 170
2 gigs DDR2 800 - 70 quid tops?
X1950 Pro for gaming, 2600XT or 8600 GTS for bluray, depending on budget (there isn't a faster hardware accelerated card than the 8600GTS as yet methinks) - hundred +- 20
Case - about a ton, maybe more
BD-ROM - £140
Software for BluRay playback - £50
500 gig Samsung drive - £60

790+- 20-30 quid - looks like it needs some shaving, and that doesn't include an OS - can drop the processor to dual core, go for the 2600XT (how serious is the gaming?) - you're gonna have to find a good value case or go a bit secondhand - or switch to AMD - to get everything you want within the budget including the OS - you have probably forgotten to spec a tuner in there too if you use freeview - how much did you say you wanted to blow that budget by? (bear in mind that £190 of your budget - plus some more effectively if not going hardware acc graphics because of proc requirement - is taken up by the bluray playback alone)


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My advice is try not to do too much with a PC. Good ultra-hi spec PC's are generally noisy and hot. You don't want something noisy in your living room. Make a cheaper, quieter HTPC (Still HiDef) and another PC/Console for gaming.


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It depends though, if you live in a flat you may choose to just have the one mega machine, especially if they both end up staying on all the time anyway if you have two.


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Hey, it should win a prize for most thought gone into a pointless post in order to get the post count upto 2000 or summat :D
Not that I noticed you posting quite frequently when yours went above 980 or so (or I might be wrong and you haven't even checked it)


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Thx for the replys Folks, im going to have a good rethink of what i exactly want , thx again:thumbsup:

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