Noob connectivity and distribution help please


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I live in a bungalow.
I have Sky HD (Amstrad box) in the Living Room.
In my office I have a PC.

I would like to set up a new HDTV in the office that can receive the Sky HD output, preferably simply enough that I can get it sorted in time to watch the Ashes in the office (I work through the night).
It would also be nice (but is less important) if the PC in the office can display output to the planned TV in the office and the TV in the Living Room.

I have an existing, unused, standard aerial cable going from the Living Room into the loft and onto the office.
On my sky HD box, the only option for output to a second device appears to be the RF Out, which I presume will not carry an HD signal. I presume I will need some other kind of hardware to split the signal and distribute it, but no idea what. I also have no idea at all what kind of cable I should use to distribute the signal.

Any help in educating me would really be appreciated.


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If you can live without HD, just use RF2 out on Sky box to office. If you want HD, get a HDMI splitter, run the single HDMI from Sky box to splitter, run two HDMI cables from splitter, one to each TV.

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