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noob - advice needed


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hi all

I would like to buy a pioneer plasma the lx5090, since it doesnt have sound i need to connect to an amp, not interested in buying those extra speakers for the kuro

1. i have a PS3 and an old Sony str-db830 amp. I was thinking of using optical audio cable between amp and TV. will that work?

2. or do i need to get an new amp? if i need, i was looking at the pioneer VSX-lx51 VSX-LX51 Pioneer Amplifier, AV Receiver - Audio - Video , that way can use 1 remote for TV and amp. your thoughts?

3. This leads me to another question, a new amp should enable me to have True HD etc..., but I have read that the PS3 doesnt do DTS HD and master audio formats and that it cannot transmit these sources undecoded via bitstream to amp. Does that mean I cannot get DTS HD and Master audio, unless I get a blu ray player that can transmit full HD via bitstream?

been reading stuff but I am getting confused

thx for your help
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1. The optical output from the TV will give you pseudo surround (mixed from stereo). If you want surround sound from the PS3, you need to connect direct i.e. DD5.1/DTS use optical and for HD audio you need to use HDMI (LPCM).

2. An amp upgrade would always be a good idea and enable you to get HD audio formats. I wouldn't base an amp purchase on the ability to use one remote, if you want to go down that route, I would always recommend an universal remote such as the Logitech Harmony range. That said, I'm sure Kuro link has it's uses. You should match the amp to your speakers, not a TV.

3. The PS3 cannot bitstream HD audio but can decode them internally so providing your new amp accepts LPCM over HDMI (all amps with HD audio decoding do this) you will hear HD audio, you just won't see it on the amp's display.


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1. my first question was just to get the sound from regular TV watching, so wasnt expecting anything else than stereo

ps: currently my ps3 is plugged into amp via optical for surround sound when watching blu ray/dvd

2. my surround speakers are bose acoustimas 10 version 1 (rated for 10-200w amps, 4 to 8 ohms) what would be a good amp, if not the pioneer vsx lx51 is not appropriate?

3. so does that mean if i use pcm with my current amp I can get True HD from PS3? and what about HD DTS master audio, thought the PS3 didnt do that
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As DavePuma explained the PS3 will decode both TrueHD and DTS-MA soundtracks internally and then pass them via HDMI as LPCM. So you need a amp with HDMI input that accepts LPCM. Your amp has no HDMI inputs so you cannot receive these soundtracks. Optical does not carry the TrueHD or DTS-MA soundtracks as LPCM (it doesn't have the bandwidth).


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ah ok thx, all clear now. :thumbsup:

so what would be a good amp then that would go with my speakers?

EDIT: surround speakers are bose acoustimas 10 version 1 (rated for 10-200w amps, 4 to 8 ohms)
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any idea what kind of amp for the bose acoustimass 10 - I have read the scathing reviews but I bought these 10 years ago and wasn't much choice in the mini-type speakers back then.

anyway, past mistakes aside, what would be a good amp?

are Kef 2000/3000 series much better than the bose?

Haven't really decided on a budget, ideally would like spend £500-£1000 for amp (and speakers if needed)

what you all reckon?

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