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Apologies if this subject has already been covered and I have not managed to locate it it. I have almost convinced myself that I want a streaming option that does not include USB connectivity. Now before I go any further I should be clear and say I have only ever streamed Tidal using my inexpensive Activo CT-10.

I have everything I need to go to the next USB stage of streaming, a new fanless PC, master clock, 2 new Mirage USB cables. But at the back of my mind there is the constant thought that I will get a better sound by building a streaming rig that avoids USB connectivity however I still have a lot to learn on this front, hence this post.

Right now I am attracted to the idea of Raspberry Pi4 combined with a Pi2AES but I am more than happy to consider other options. IS2 connectivity is also an option as I am going to upgrade my Ares2 to a Pontus2 in late September. Any advice & thoughts are welcome, even critical ones Thanks PB

Ps right now Roon is not part of my thinking


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Hi yespsb as your looking at the Raspberry pi for a streamer i can recommend hat's from the likes of Allo and audiophonics i have a number to "my wife's frustration" ! the best i have found in my humble opinion out of the dac boards i have was the allo digione signature but with this option you will still need a dac as this is (transport only)

Loads on the forum regarding other hat's and different ways of going about it,so best get a drink and read up and see if it's what's best for you.
Let me know if i can help further with this.

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