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Hi, new member here. As the title says, also non techy so will try to explain the problem as concisely as poss. Am also posting on another forum on this site as uinsure whether this is correct one.

Our current system comprises a television on which we don't use the speakers at all, a sky plus box (which has dv3 on it) and a home theatre system (currently a philips hts3500s 5.1) which we play all the sound through.

Our problem is this. Over the past four years we have had two Philips home theatre systems that have worked fine. They will play through all speakers even when it is just a normal tv programme through sky. Although the programme is not recorded in 5.1 the sound goes through all five speakers to give the effect of surround sound.

When we changed from the old Philips to this one about three years ago (the original was a second hand system that a friend gave us) we tried a different brand first(panasonic). That would not play normal tv programmes through all five speakers unless the programme/film was actually recorded with 5.1 sound. Instead it just put sound through the front two speakers to create stereo sound. We took this back to the shop and explained our problem we were advised that all systems did this. I was a bit surprised as an antiquated second hand Philips performed differently to a new Panasonic and swapped the Panasonic for the system we currently have. The HTS3500s did exactly what we wanted again and plays even stereo programmes through all five speakers.

Sorry for being longwinded but the issue is this. The HTS3500s has been on the verge of packing up for several months (the dvd player side of it freezes/fails to find disc) as it has taken some hammer over three years (small child with a loving of Pixar movies. I can't find many Philips systems available in our price range (sub £200) and when I've been round home entertainment shops trying to explain our problem/what we're wanting I get looked at as though I'm a two headed alien. What do I need to be looking at/asking to get the same functionality as what both philis system provided


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The feature your looking for is Dolby Prologic Processing. I'll be surprised if you had a surround amp that didn't include this, more likely you didn't realise you had to select it for your stereo sources.

Note, this is not true 5.1 surround, rather it takes the stereo signal and extracts the l/r audio, centre channel and mono rear chanel (which your amp will send to both rears). Before the days of dobly digital and DTS, this is what was known as surround sound now it gets known as psuedo-surround.


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Just bear in mind that the Sony system only has digital optical and coaxial inputs and doesn't have any phono inputs. I think you'll be okay connecting your Sky box to this as I believe they have digital outputs although I'm not certain (maybe someone else can confirm this?). But you probably won't be able to connect your TV directly to the Sony system, as most TVs dont have digital outputs.

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