Non SKY HD Sat receivers?

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My wife has asked me to find her a good HD recording Sat solution. She loves our SkyPlus (as do I). She's been loving watching French TV on our Technomate 5500 but she wants to be able to look at a EPG and set recording.

I calibrated a clients house who had a Dreambox. It looked good but after doign some reading it does seem a bit slow and tricky. We need something slick and SkyPlus like that will work with a suitable Cam(x)

Topfield, Humax, Echostar? Any users any comments?


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I would thoroughly recommend the dreambox but it is something of an enthusiasts receiver. Its basically a powerPC running the linux kernel in a set top box. To make the most of it you do need to change its software image occasionally and ideally you need it connected to the internet via a Lan.

The advantage is that it will emulate every cam type in software and it can also be used for sky with a phoenix interface and a genuine subscription. This means you can use it like a Sky+ box (although not quite as slick) and record everything in clear mpeg2 transport stream rather than sky+ which is encrypted.

Once the box is setup everything is driven from the remote control but it would help if you knew something about linux for the setup part.



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Might be an old post but... what is a phoenix interface? Any links to it? Does it work with an FTV card?

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