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non-PC gaming issues


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Not a gaming question but one regarding PCs in general. If anyone can recommend a website where I can get more info then please do - if not perhaps you can answer the problem/suggest some solutions,

I have bought a new Sony Vaio FE21B laptop and am having some difficulties with the the CD/DVD drive. Its been back to Sony (who fitted a new HDD and state they tested the DVD drive and it worked ok).

It now will read Audio CDs, DVDs and DVD-ROMs - however when I try to install Office it fails.

It always asks for the product key which is accepted, but after that it mainly sites there doing nothing. Once it said preparing to install but then just said it could not read from Device.

However if you put the CD into anorther PC it will try to install without any issues.

Any advice?


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Can't really be of specific help but if there is a another programme running that is conflicting then try CTRL+ALT+DEL and shutdown everything you can and then try installing.

Sorry if that's pointing out the obvious!


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Is it a copied CD ? If so then try another copy....some brands of CD have trouble in certain CD drives, if its an original CD then try cleaning it.


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Its an original CD (OEM version) and its clean and no other programs running.

Pop it in another laptop (work one) and it gets further before the IT bods protection stops it installing, pop it in my desktop and it works fine.

But it goes in the new Laptop and the response varies from nothing, asks for the product key (which it accepts) then nothing, or starts to prepare to install and then does nothing.

The response varies dependant upon how it feels. However on the second to it will pop up a xo that says Installation Complete, but then click ok and nothing.

Failing sending it back to Sony again (which I do not have a lot of confidence in considering they have just done nothing to fix it) I am at a bit of a loss.

As everything else works ok could I install it on another PC with an external HDD and then connect the HDD upto the laptop and transfer the files?

Again - help or direction to a site that can would be appreciated.


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Put that CD in your laptop drive. Copy the contents to your desktop. And run setup.exe from there.


You could try this, it should work, I did it on a laptop with a similar problem about a year ago, solved the problem!

1. Click Start, point to Settings and click Control Panel.
2. Select Switch to Classic View (if needed) and then double-click System.
3. Click the Hardware tab and click Device Manager.
4. Double-click the DVD/CD-ROM drives.
5. Right-click on your faulty drive and click Uninstall.
6. At the device removal warning prompt, click OK.
7. Click the Action menu and then click Scan for hardware changes.

Obviously it's at your own risk :)


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Many thanks for the posts.

Still no joy. Very odd. Will have to take it back (again) to PC World and get them to send it to Sony (again)

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