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I have an old xbox that is non HDMI which up until recently wasn't an issue.

Moved to a bigger TV with a longer component cable and getting some ghosting on screen so I want to move to a HDMI version.

What would be the most cost effective way of doing this? Sell mine, buy second hand? Trade in? etc.


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edit: take that back will check that the cable has the connection i think it does.
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Does sound like you've thought of most options I could see (hell, didn't know the Mad Catz one existed). Funny thing is that I first link i put up I actually got for a relative this xmas to give them HDMI on an older Xbox, so noticed my mistake then (stupid mistake), so will be sorting that out later (maybe swap my hdmi version with there non).

Good luck.


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You should not be getting ghosting unless the component cable you are using is of poor quality!

How long is long?


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10 metres, it's probably not the best quality. From an audio perspective the cabling would be neater with hdmi as well.

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On my old Toshiba LCD I would get ghosting when using component but was able to eliminate the issue by switching to VGA, worth a try.

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