Non-HDCD Amp + HDCD player: what happens?



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I'm not sure if it's the correct forum to post this question...
I have a Panasonic S97 dvd player connected to a Denon 2805 amp with a digital cable. The Panny can decode HDCD cd's, but the Denon isn't HDCD compliant. So I was wondering, when I play a HDCD what happens? Is the higher definition lost, like playing the cd with a non-HDCD player?


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oohh...not sure on this.....i've yet to come across a HDCD dont buy lots of music really, more just the odd album that really impresses me, and i guess none of them went the HDCD route)

I'm guessing using a digital connection it will only send the normal signal if the Denon doesnt have the HDCD ability......this is purely based on a common sense approach and may not be

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