Non game savvy dad questions about Xbox X for my son


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Feb 5, 2011
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Hi all, I'm not really one for games myself, so I'm not very familiar with how all this works, so I'd be grateful for any help/guidance you might be able to give.

I've managed to get an Xbox Series X for my son for Christmas. He currently has an Xbox One X.

Now there doesn't seem to be a game that is a particular standout for the new console, so I thought the best tthing to do would be to get him the Game Pass to go along with it. There is currently a three month offer on where you can get three months for a quid (obviously hoping you'll leave the DD in place). At this stage, I'm not worried about getting a annual game pass until he tells me he is going to get the benefit from it.

However, I got my son a 12 month Xbox live voucher last year that expires at the end of April - and there is also the ability convert the remainder of this time into an xbox game pass.

So my question is, will the conversion of the time left on the XBox live 'stack' together with the three months for a pound thing ? and is this the best way of getting game pass in this situation ?

Also, whilst I dont often play games, I might want to hide from the mother-in-law and play a game myself on his old console whislt he is destroying my internet bandwidth - would that be a problem with two XBox's with the same master account playing at the same time ?

Oh yeah, I remember when I bought a console for Christmas soem years ago, and when the kids opened it on Christmas Day the whole network was foobar'd and it took about three days to get the fliiping thing into an operable condition - which I though was ridiculous, and resulted in some very disappointed kids.

Would you recommend that I carefully open it up and download all the updates late one night whilst they are all tucked up in bed ?, and how easy would it be to re-pack it so it still looks new ?

Thanks in advance for any advice you have....

PS - My son has an external drive on his Xbox one X. If I plug it into the new one, will it save him from having to re-download the games stored on it again ?
There should be a £1 upgrade to Gamepass ultimate for you to take advantage off, check the system menu.
Upgrade Your Xbox Live Gold Membership to Ultimate | Xbox

So you can stack up on the Xbox Gold subscription, then upgrade to Ultimate. It should upgrade your 12 months gold subscription to 12 months game pass ultimate subscription.
2 years of Gold will convert to 2 years Ultimate.

You can stack 3 years of any subscription.

It would be beneficial to pick up cheap xbox live gold subs, apply them to the account, and then convert the whole lot to Gamepass Ultimate for a £1.

You can by cheap subs from different regions, but if your not that savvy maybe just find UK subs as cheap as you can.

I would definitely recommend doing any updates prior to Xmas eve/day.

Yes any games stored on the external can be copied across. Stick to the ones optimised for Series X first, you'll see a badge on the game tile which ones are. (You can play from the external, but games will better off the internal SSD)
Thanks guys. I'm surprised that Xbox Gold will update to Games Pass becuase of the price difference.....

So say if I bought another year of gold which is £45 at I've aleady got Gold that ends at the end of April (say three months).

So if I converted it over with the three months for a pound, plus the four months I have left on Gold I have now, plus the 12 months pass giving me 19 monthe of game pass for £ 46 ?

Or have I misunderstood ?

Seems a terrrific deal if so.

Oh and do you know if I can use two xboxes (old and new) at the same time on the same master account ?

Really apprecaite your help.
Yes, buy the relevant amount of xbox live gold (up to 3 years), apply them all to the account BEFORE upgrading to Gamepass Ultimate 👍 I currently have GPU until 2023 using this method!

You can't use them at the same time with the master account as you can only be signed in on one device at a time.

You can game share however, so if your son will be having the series x, you need to keep the one x set to the home console. This means any game his account buys will be downloadable on each console. Then two accounts can play the same game, at the same time.

I currently game share with a friend, makes buying games so much cheaper, especially from different countries (but thats a whole other ball game!)
Thanks for that. Really helps me. I'll porbably get two years of Gold then.

I'll have a read up on game share - sounds relatively straight forward. It's unlikely we'd use the same game at the same time though, and I've jsut realised the one game I might have a go on is a disk one anyway.
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