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Hi all,

So im in the market for a new (my first since moving out) TV. We are currently in renovation stage so have walls were happy to mess up.

My TV will be wall mounted on to a bricked chimney breast with a sonos arc wall mounted below. Prior to thinking about TVs I had electricians in to fit a double power socket , ethernet port and a/v run into chimney and out the side for a/v units.

With all this said I now have a wall space for the TV with a plug socket. Obviously I want all cables hidden. This means that with all best intentions I will never really get a nice new G1 completely flush, unless I completely re configure the new sockets and start making recesses that I'm not sure is even possible. I can live with this and just buy the slimmest profile vesa mount for the G1 however my question is, if im going to do this should I just go for the C1 and mount as normal.

The G1 is my preferred panel but I don't see many users using vesa mounts instead of the provided flush mount. Have also considered just using the provided flush mount and leaving it pulled out to clear the sockets and power cables but this may affect the strength and integrity of the load its carrying?

It seems most videos or comments talk about recess boxes in Boarded walls but not so easy when you have a fully bricked wall.

Any help much appreciated.


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If you are shelling out for that G1 slim flush design you really do want to have exactly that on your wall, anything else is a poor compromises really and it dishonours the best design looking OLED tv on the market really.

I had the CX and C1 pretty much similar, it is bulky and it does stick out a fair bit and I have a very slim wall mount think its 16mm away from the wall so its as close as I could get it but then you have the extra rounded bulky thick bezel of the CX/C1 so it sticks out even more a good 8-9cm from the wall, nothing is going to beat that flush mounted to wall look imo.

If you can get some TV wall mount installer in or ask for his opinion at least on work arounds to the wiring (I assume you want hidden AV cables etc) maybe you can still get the recess box done or some other work around. Id try to explore these options now because once that TV is mounted its hard to do the work after.

I skimped in these areas greatly in not choosing the flat wall mount design tv or getting wiring installed properly behind the wall but this was down to covid, timing and budget, it really is one of those things you want to get right the first time round so get an installer in or to advise better at least.

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