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I have just switched from Nokia to Sony Ericsson and find the ringtones on the new phone a bit naff. Ringtone situation is OK as am using an mp3 track. However, I want a good sms alert. On my old Nokia, there was a belter called 'Feather'. Is there any way I can get hold of this for my SE or does anyone know of any good sites where you can download free alerts in mp3 or something? (Sorry, bit of a novice at this). Cheers.


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When I had a SE I used to use a free program called Audacity to chop up parts from MP3s for use as SMS tones. Quotes from your favourite movies are good too.

I had "English mother f******, do you speak it?" as mine for a while! Then it was "I'm a mushroom cloud laying mother f******, mother f******!".

How nice :devil:

Simply Google for them. In my case it was "Pulp Fiction movie sounds".

Sorry, I dont know of any sites that provide free SMS alerts as I found making my own a lot more fun.
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