Nokia N90 v N80


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hi guys looking to by a new phone and i'm stuck on these two. the problem is the N90 is a great music player 4gig storage, but i think i'm right in saying it is not Wi-Fi.? but on the other hand the N80 is Wi-Fi but not the greatest music player. anyone any thoughts or does anyone have either phone and would like to share there opinion.
Gra :smashin:


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I assume by N90, you just mean the N91? :)

If so, the N91 does have WiFi just like the N80 (802.11b/g). The only real disadvantages of the N91 over the N80 is that the N80 has a higher resolution screen and has a slightly better camera (3.2MP vs. 2MP).

If you're looking for a Nokia music phone then the N91 is definitely the way to go.


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ooops sorry i did mean the N91 :smashin: anyway cheers for the reply. i have looked through the N91 tech spec and couldn't find a mention of wi-fi connection, if that is the case this is the one for me. tnks for the info Tunney. :D

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