Nokia N80 v Nokia N73


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Hello there

Like many others, I had been waiting months for the N80. When it finally arrived, I held back due to the various reports on buggy firmware etc.

My wife has taken delivery of the N80 and it seems a nice phone but I'm just a little concerned about its bulkiness. I also find it a bit fiddly in terms of pressing the buttons.

The N73 seems to be pretty much identical to the N80, with the exception of the WiFi connectivity (please do correct me if I'm wrong). I much prefer the candy bar shape (I was a big fan of the 6680).

Because both phones seem so similar, I wonder if any owners can help me in deciding between the two?

So, N80 v N73. Which one is the winner?


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Couple of people at work have the N80 and which I've played around with. Just something about the N80 that I didn't like.

N80 software seems slower than the N73 even though they use the same v3 software. Little things annoyed me as well like the slider wobbling when it's closed and the battery compartment doing the same.

Then there's the battery on the N80 there's loads of threads on phone forums saying about the battery and they are all true. With little use the battery only lasts about 2 days.

I've only had to charge my battery twice since having the phone. I think the screen is better also.

I've had the N73 for the last 6 days and I can honestly say it's amazing. If the Wifi doesn't bother you then I would recommend the N73.


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Thanks fella.

Are the features pretty much identical?

Is there a big difference in screen resolution? Personally, I'd prefer a larger screen.


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N80 - 352x416 2.1"
N73 - 320x240 2.4"

Side by side the N80 screen does look sharper but the N73 screen is bigger and standalone it does not disappoint.
Apart from Wifi features are pretty much identical.
Another vote for the N73 here too, had mine 10 days or so, still not disappointed.


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I think the Nokia N80 is one of the best phones out there at the moment

Functionality of the N80 has to be the best available and depending on the service provider you are with, you can pretty much do anything on it :smashin:


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Do these phones support push email?
Or does anyone have an opinion on which (if any) has the better email capability?

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