Nokia 9500 - Anyone Had Any Problems With Theres?



Has anyone got a Nokia 9500 and had problems with it?

The two main problems I've had are as follows

Two months after buying the phone the phone starts having problems sending text messages, messages were being sent but were not arriving at the destination phone, sometimes sending another txt to the same number forced the first txt through ( not a network problem as I tried this with a different SIM card and went on for too long). Eventually it got to the point where the txt would sit in the out box and would display a error msg something as follows "msg sending failed - resend at such n such a time" but after weeks of this I discouvered the txts were getting sent and everytime the time came round for my txt to be sent it was getting sent over and over again yet it kept saying " msg sending failed - resend at such n such a time" eventually the messaging part of the fone died completely so I took it back to Carphone Warehouse and it was sent away to Nokia to be fixed, A fortnight later I get the phone back and all was well!

Two months later the same thing happened again, but as I was going in and out of the country and needed to be in touch (loan phones from Carphone Warehouse are not Tri-Band you see (Nokia 1100's) ) I decided to hang onto the phone for a month until I finished travelling, during this time the phone developed a second fault - the phone wouldn't recognise that a memory card was in the phone ( switching it off and on and messing about with the card helped to start with until it finally died too) Travels over I took my phone back to Carphone Warehouse only this time I took it to another branch of theres in Aberdeen as the Nokia engineer there had recently been trained to fix 9500's, I was told it would take a full day to update the phones firmware....again and to pick the phone up two days later, I went back two days later and asked for my fone from the sales woman ( a different sales woman to the one I handed my fone too) Only to be told by her she had sent my fone to Nokia for repair as the engineer wasn't trained to fix 9500's, at which point I insisted she double check this with the engineer, she came back upstairs and all she could say to me was " :oops: , my mistake" As you could understand I was not a happy person. As it turns out the phone needed to be sent to Nokia to be fixed anyway but Nokia couldn't fix the phone so they sent me a brand spanking new one under what they call "symapthetic warrenty" There way of not admitting liability! This was at the end of July and now Two months into a brand new 9500 the same problem regarding the memory card has happened again

Regarding the fault with the messaging system I was left with some hefty bills on the months it started going wrong until the month it was fixed, I contacted Carphone Warehouse/O2 about this and they launched what they called an investigation to see what was going on there reply was " all the messages on your account were sent from your IMEI number therefore nothing can be done" of course the messages were sent from my IMEI number al be it notknowingly

Anyone else had these problems with there 9500 or even any other problems? and would anyone think I have a case for getting my money back and terminating the contract early? Should I contact trading standards?


Did I type too much for you lot to read or am I the only mug to own a 9500? lol


Seems so :( I can't wait to get rid of it but there isn't another phone I like at the moment apart from the N91 at a push the N90, Maybe I'll pick one or maybe both of them up in Egypt next week!

Anyone want to buy my 9500? lol
i had the nokia 9500 had no probs and thought a good and very stable phone


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10 months on and it now eats batteries, never was that good with batteries though.
It now empties the battery in 2 days with the phone off and this is a brand new battery.

my battery would last prob 5 days and that was with constant gprs usage!
im a big fan of the 9500 but got rid of it because the browser was too slow and quite hard to get a lot of software for it, so iv now got spvm2000/xda2 thingy with the slide out keyboard, and while i love it, i see now a lot of thought went into the nokia like how easy it is to switch between tasks, and now need to charge every day like or else lol

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