Nokia 808 PureView - Factory


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Hello forum,

I'm new here for a simple reason.

I have a Nokia 808 PureView in factory condition with screen protector still on, box, some papers and charger.
The phone is in such shape that it does not have any dust or dirt, or any signs of use, basically without a scratch on it.

It appears as if someone just unboxed it and never used it. I turned it on and off maybe 3 times during the past few months just to make sure it's working.
The phone is constantly kept in what appears to be a plastic factory bag.
The only downside is that its network locked but i assume that can be easily sorted out.

It's probably a rare one considering the condition however I'm not sure if I'm setting the correct price for it.
Right now it's at about 400-430€. (Not on eBay)

What do you think? Is the price too high?

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