Nokia 6230 v Sharp gx30


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Im torn between which one to get, has anyone got either yet and what do your think?

Ive always been a fan of nokia's interface etc, but the high resolution and flash of the gx30 camera is tempting me away.

Does anyone have any pictures taking with either of these cameras so i can see the quality?


I would probably go for the 6230 but the only problem is it aint released yet, depends what your main use of the phone is going to be, if you going to use the camera most buy the GX-30, but the 6230 has features like an mp3 player and an mmc slot, also it could be a a while before the 6230 is available.


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Sharp appear to be stuck in the stone age in terms of design and quality. All of their phones suffer finishes that wear off very easily indeed. The screen and camera are nice, but so is a digital camera. This is a phone and a screen like that means poor battery life.


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I've got the GX-30. It has MP3 and will take SD memory cards up to 512 meg. Thats storage for 2000 fine mode 768x1024 photos.

It's a 1 megapixel camera so quality is very good. The only downside of Sharp is that they restrict their phones to Vodafone only. I ported my number from 02 without any problem but I would have preferred to stay with 02.


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I think the gx30 is the best phone on the market at the moment, and certainly better than the 6230, apparently the 6230 has a dissapointing screen and camera but many people will be won over by the brand, in terms of competitors there is a SE K700 coming out in June which is a canybar style but that is all.


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Whats the battery life like on the GX30? I've got a GX10 lying around unused cause of its pathetic battery life.


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I think talktime is about the same but standby time is up from a quoted 150 hours to 230 hours, hope that helps.


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Thanks. That sounds like it'll work out at about 4 days then.

I used to get just under 3 days on the GX10, which compared to just under 2 weeks from my 6310i is really rather poor!

The Z600 I have now I get somewhere between 4 to 5 days from.

Think I'll start another thread :)

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