Nokia 6210 help


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I have just purchased this phone on the clasified sales
It is asking for a restriction code what ever that is
the manual was not inclosed with the phone so that carnt help me .Is there a master code that i can input
I have PM'd the seller but no reply as yet,but i want to play with the phone now .Any ideas
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It means that the phone has been locked to a network (possibly Orange). There is the availblity to get the phone unlocked which will remove this restriction either by conecting the phone to a computer with the appropriate cable and software, or by "remote" unlocking which means you can unlock it by the means of a code you enter when it asks for it. This is usually doen by providing the IMIE number of the phone to an unlock company.
The other thing it could be is that as you are placing a different sims card in the phone will ask for a code, Nokia has the default 12345 if that doesn't work, you will need to get it unlocked.

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