Question Nokia 1200 Refuses to Send Text Messages


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Hi everyone.

On inserting a new SIM card into her Nokia 1200 my wife finds herself unable to send text messages. Messages are not received by the addressees but are nevertheless stored in the Sent Messages folder. On accessing the phone, a message is displayed telling her that the messages were not sent. How come messages are not sent?

Some (in Google search results) advise her to delete all messages stored in the Sent and Received folders. She has tried deleting all messges from the Sent folder, but that did not help. Problem is the 10 or so messages she has in her Received Messages folder are messages she would like to keep. Does someone know how to save messages to the SIM card on Nokia 1200? Or, more generally, how to select where to store anything, in the phone memory or in the SIM memory?
She has also tried resetting the phone to factory settings, but that had no effect either, -- except that the phone has started issuing a beep on every keystroke :). (I think we can manage to change that back.)

Any help would be gratefully received.


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Check the message centre number is correct for the network you are on... This should be in text message settings somewhere.

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