Noisy washing machine or not?


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Stuck a fairly big load on this morning as I had changed the bedding and not for the first time when on spin cycle the machine vibrates and is very noisy. So thought I would look into whether i can do anything.
Plenty of video advice particularly from these guys How to Prevent a Washing Machine Spinning Noisily | eSpares

First thing I did was drag the machine out from under the counter and after checking the drum with a manual spin and whether it was level or not, stuck the machine on a spin cycle. It was if the machine was not on as it was pretty silent.
It looks like it maybe all down to load balance where to me this is an impossible issue to get right, or is it?

Any advice appreciated.


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Or the support dampers could be worn out/support spring broken - difficult to say as you haven't said what machine this is.


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More likely the dampers then but don't discount a broken or stretched spring - that would not necessarily show up when the machine is empty


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Ours turned out to be wobbly feet. One of the adjustable feet had come loose which caused the machine to rock side to side. Might be worth a look before you start taking it apart.


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With an empty drum that should in itself be balanced, there will be little need for the dampers. Therefore if they are not working properly you will be unlikely to notice that way. So check if you can and then put a normal load on to see if it still does it.

Sometimes however a load can just become distributed wrongly, the machine will try and rotate the other way to solve this. However, if bedding comes entangled, say a pillowcase in the quilt cover causing an unbalanced bit which results in it not sorting itself and possible noise on spin.

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