Noisy Samsung Spinpoint


Gary Malyon

I upgraded my Amstrad DRX180 sky Plus box with a Samsung Spin point V120CE
(250 GB)
But it made a high pitch chattering noise, which is particularly noisey when recording or playing back a recording.
I also found on some recordings that voices are out of sync with lip movements.
I've sent it back to Komplett (who are threatening to send it back if they find its not faulty) and asked them to suggest a more quiet drive.

The original 40 GB Seagate makes no noise at all.

Can any body suggest a better drive for upgrade of the above?


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All hard drives will make a noise when underload you can use a utility on the drives sites to pick performance levels quick loud quiet slower well thats what seagate and maxtor offer.


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The Spinpoint should be particularly quiet as HDDs go. I have one in a Topfield and do not think I have ever heard it at all. Sounds like yours was not quite right.
Edit my Spinpoint is definetely quiter than the Seagate I have in my other Topfield. They are both 160gigs.


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I've installed 2 of these drives in different Sky boxes and both give a quiet clicking noise when recording 2 programmes at once. I only hear it when there is silence from the TV though so I'm not worried. The advantage of having a 250gb drive far outweigh a liitle noise now and again.

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