Noisy right speaker on panny 36pb50

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by greenthumb, Jul 25, 2002.

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    Hi all, my friend took delivery of his pb50 about a couple of weeks ago and we have discovered a really annoying fault. The right hand speaker issues a loud hiss almost like the sound of a kettle heating up. Strange description I know, but that is what I hear, my mate thinks it sounds like putting a seashell up against your ear. Either way its not right. The volume control has no effect on the level of hiss and its only on the right channel. He now has the internal speakers switched off with just the centre going and it sounds very weak.
    Is this a known issue or do you think he has a duff set?
    Anyone else got this problem? Thanks
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    Apr 22, 2002
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    We had a customer who had this problem on a 28PL10 not long ago (straight out of the box) and after speaking to Panasonic they agreed to let us debit it back to them - we then supplied the customer with a replacement. Certainly not a "common" fault but a fault none the less by the sounds of things.

    So... based on that, I'd get in touch with the supplier and get them to either fix the fault; or if you're not happy with that get them to exchange the set for you. Either way you should be able to get it sorted :)

    Good luck. Kelvin :D

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