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Noisy display - Vision 4320

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by bongpig, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. bongpig


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    Hi all,

    I was very curious about the vision 4230 thats been offfered around by a few retailers at under £2000, so I got hold of one to check it out.

    Straight out of the box, I first pluged in an Xbox using plain old composite, to get a quick look at the picture. Very noisy. The kind of noise that jiggles and moves even if the source is static ... kind of like interference. It wasnt very noticable on brighter areas, but anything dark, looked a mess.
    I tried the Xbox again using S-video and finaly Component. The image sharpness improved but the exact same noise was there, like a thin layer over the whole screen.
    Ok, time to try my Pioneer DV88 DVD. I tried both component and S-video. Both slightly different quality overall, but the same noise exactly. Tried the Game Cube and again the noise.

    Its so bad on dark areas that I found it hard to believe anybody could be happy with this screen. So hard in fact, that I started to suspect some kind of electrical interference was causing the noise. I went down to a huge Currys to get a look at around 20-25 plasmas all connected to the same source.
    To my suprise, some screens showed the same noise exactly as the Vision, and others ( the Pio's and Pannys for sure ) didnt. They all showed some signs of noise, but vastly different levels.

    I just couldnt believe that a manufaturer would make a screen so noisy. It really is that bad. The more a spoke to various engineers and the guys and my warrenty department, the more I realised that most plasmas have good screens, and the other components make the most difference. In one example, simply replacing the fans in the plasma, got rid of the noisy display (!)

    So, now I have a plasma and dont really know what the problem is. Could it come down to how well a display is sheilded from various interference? Bad mains? Crap fans? The 12 foot satalite dish my neighbour owns!?

    Anybody have any experience noisy plasmas, and the causes?
    Or is it simply because its bloody cheap!!?

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