Noise using Component Vid DVD-Projector




I'm having a rather annoying problem with the connection between my DVD Player (Yam DVD-S559) and my projector (BenQ W100).

Using a composite connection I get the the usual artifacts with bright colours and pattern detail, however black screens are a nice uniform black.

Using SVideo I get a slightly better picture, but still with some artifacts as expected. Again blacks and other blocks of uniform colour are great.

Using component video, I am free of all the artifacts seen using the other two methods, however I get a slight 'sparkle' effect (like moving 'static' even on stills). It is only faint but is rather annoying.

I am using a Yam RX-V357 Receiver, but have connected them directly to rule this out. I am using a 10m component vid cable, which I thought might be the problem, but replacing with a 1m gives the same results..

So I can only assume that it is the component output from the DVD, or the component input on the projector that is causing the problem (there are two component inputs on the projector, and they both give the same results).

Unfortunately I don't have any more component vid equipment with which to decide what the problem it. I was just wondering if anyone had had similar experiences with these two items?

Thanks v much...

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