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    Hi people,

    Got a new tele for christmas (in the sales), a SAMSUNG LE37R88BD 37" and pluged into ps3 and sd sky.

    The games are amazing, the picture is so clear. The only problem I have are with Blu-ray films and sd sky. To be honest i dont really expect much from sd anymore any way but i was hoping i could make it a bit better for now.

    When im watching a BD disk on my ps3 on the darker parts of the picture i can see a kind of what i can only describe as noise (maybe). I get this on sd dvd and sd sky. But the games are great, and the lighter parts of the blu-ray films are ok.

    First question do I need better than standard leads (to reduce the noise)?
    Secondly have I got the TV set up correctly for the BD films? Sometimes I forget to tun off the game mode, then when i do the picture is considerably better, but still not as clear as I would expect (noise noising around lol).

    If anyone could help or point me in the direction of someone who knows more than me that would be great.

    Thanks :thumbsup:


    PS I know PS3 arnt the best HD playback but I have run it on my dads 42" plasma and the picture is fine? Help please?

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