Noise of 24" 2.8Ghz Extreme imac


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Hi all

I have just received a refurb 24" imac 2.8Ghz extreme. (The top of the range before the latest refresh)

It has replaced a 2 yr old white imac 24" and I love the improved look, keyboard and speed.... BUT... I can't help feel it is too loud. I get a constant sound from the centre of the iMac. It does not seem like fan noise as such, maybe hard drive noise.

Can any of you with the same machine comment on your experiences. I know hearing is very subjective but in an otherwise quiet room it is a little distracting.

Having bought it for just £1000 refurb I am wondering if I am asking too much about making a fuss before I approach apple with the issue.




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I've got exactly the same model, and don't notice it being particularly noisy. It's certainly more quiet than my old windows box.


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I would say mine is on par with a windows box, certainly more noisy than my existing 24" white iMac. I might just call apple tomorrow to see what they have to say.


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Should be virtually silent - is it using spotlight to index the hard drive or is it backing up to iDisk/Time Machine a lot ?



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Spoke to apple today and after 10mins reseting PRAM etc they have decided to send me a replacement. :thumbsup:


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Are they sending out a newy or another refurb???

you could be in for a right old result eh??!!!!!!!!!!

They still have refurb units in stock, so they are basically crediting my for the current one and sending me out another refurb one.

I still think it is good value for money. :)


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I have the same model....and the same issue.
A Quite irritating "Buzzing" sound...Apple took mine back and replaced it, new one has the same problem. Decided I can live with it...but it is annoying especially when I'm working late at night with no music...brilliant machine other than that...


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Received my replacement iMac today and whilst quieter it is still more noticeable than the white iMac ..... BUT.... Apple shipped it with 4GB RAM installed so I am more than happy. Thanks Apple. :clap:


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Excellent news! Apple's price for a 2GB DIMM - £120! And there's two of them! :eek:

Well, I have to say that I am so chuffed with my iMac. I'm slowly but surely moving all of my PC stuff over. I'll blog on it some time in the future because I've hit some really nasty stumbling blocks (most of which seem to be Microsoft's doing).

Going back to the noise thing, there is a noticeable hum from my iMac which is definitely resonance from the HDD. I know how loud this can be in some enclosures so I'm quite happy it's as suppressed as it is. Otherwise, it's very quite, much more quiet than my Antec Sonata that it has replaced, and that was very quiet (receiving much praise from envious parties!).


To the OP, I have the 3.06ghz 24 in IMAC and I find it very quiet. After playing enemy territory for a good 2hrs today, it remained quiet.

Maybe a quirk of the extreme processor?

This was my first mac as well and I have to say I am very impressed.

Well done with the free 4gb upgrade!!!:cool:


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My 2.4 24" imac is definitely quieter than my white imac. Maybe the problem lies with just the 2.8 models.


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I've got the 2.8 extreme and it is absolutely silent so I don't believe it is an issue relating only to that model.

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