Noise issue possible ground help please

Mickey milo

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Hi, i have a annoying issue with a Sony Dab HU Alpine amp (previously had a pioneer Dab and pioneer amp with same issue) ..If i connect just the front speakers to Channel Aon the amp sound is fine with no noise ,gains set via multimetre to correct volts for my amp..Problem starts when i connect the rear RCA channel B to the system(no rear speakers connected when doing this) that is when i get the humming also when i use a indicator the peaker picks up the signal also when i put my foot on the brake it buzzes through the speaker ...I don't have the alternator whine just the annoying buzz on rickover and the brake and signal noise..RCA cables changed to eleminate them ,also used a few different ground locations and everything checked , i have placed a ground loop isolator on Channel B and that reduces the noise but that also degrades the quality ,i suppose if the Ground loop isolator improves the issue then would one say it's a grounding issue and not electrical even though i get noise when i brake and use the indicators ..I have ordered a power noise filter that goes in line with 12V constant and ignition in hope that helps ...what gets me is no issue with fronts but as soon as rears are attached boom the noise arrives ...Any help or advice would be apreciated .Thanks


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Is your head unit earthed to the factory loom ,if so earth it to the earth on the amp ,a good way to try and get rid of unwanted noises is to earth all your amps and head unit and other ice components to one earth point so they are all together ,

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