Noise cancelling in ear advice please


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Hi, I want to get some in ear buds for around £30 to £50.

I was going to use them in work (a loud factory) so I'm interested in active noise cancelling but know nothing about them. I also often fall asleep wearing my earbuds so comfort and quality are quite important. I would really appreciate the advice from anyone with a pair they are happy with.

I was looking at the Sennheiser cx500's, I know they are only passive noise cancelling but I really really like my Sennheiser 25s.

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Passive noise cancelling works on exactly the same principle as ear plugs. The CX500 are not it though - they will merely sit at the entrance of your ear canals. You need real IEM's such as entry Shure's given your budget. They will not completely eliminate noise - you'll hear a loud revving motor or a siren but otherwise you will be oblivious to someone shouting at you or normal everyday traffic. The downside is whether you can tolerate having the tips for prolonged periods in your ears

Active noise cancelling works by drowning out noise at a particular frequency, e.g. a plane engine. Downside is they can add a background hiss and are not as effective at variable frequencies such as human speech but by and large do the job. Note batteries are needed to power the mic unit things for the cancellation of frequencies(!) At your budget you would look at something like Senn PXC 150

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Yep, I agree the Sennheiser CX range is not a good choice for sound isolation.

I'd recommend a proper IEM that seals well in the ear and is extra confortable, e.g. Phonak Audeo PFE. Comply Foam tips are also worth considering to increase the noise isolating ability and comfort levels to the absolute maximum.

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