Question Noise(60hz hum+additional) in home audio setup, after adding new receiver.


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I have a home audio setup consisting of 1 Sonos Play 5, Sonos Connect, Onkyo CD Player and Stanton Turntable. I recently purchased a Sony STR-DH190 receiver so I could easily switch between CD player and turntable, as well as having a phono preamp built in(before I would simply plug in whichever device I was listening to at the time to the Connect). Since buying the receiver, I am getting a lot of noise, and it’s acting a bit weird.
The first problem is what I believe to be the infamous “60hz hum” whenever I plug rca jacks into the phono input of the receiver. Doesn’t matter if the turntable is connected, as soon as I plug in cables the hum starts. It’s quite loud when I use one pair of cables, and it’s much quieter when I use another pair, so I am wondering if it’s due to non shielded cables.
The second issue, is that when I have the CD player running but the receiver turned off completely, I can still here a low slightly distorted version of the music through the speaker anyway. This really makes no sense to me, as I would imagine there should be no sound when the receiver is off.

I have already done some reading online, but was wondering if anyone here had any insight before I start ininitiating returns, buying new cables, etc.

Thank you!


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Have you tried earthing the tt to the amp?

And perhaps a photo of the rear of the receiver to see how you have it wired up?


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Thanks for the quick reply.

I have not tried that, as I don't have a ground wire, the turntable is internally grounded, and the hum happens even when the turntable is not connected. I will buy a ground wire if necessary, as it's probably just good to have.

It's not currently connected, but I uploaded a picture of the back, and can quickly explain connections.
CD Player is connected to Input 1
Turntable to Phono In
The -Out- of Input 4 section goes to input of Connect


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Ah the 'hum'

Fighting this myself at the minute after throwing an Arcam A38 in the mix. Seems the Arcam and Marantz AVR just won't play together nicely. I had a pretty high pitch 'whine' sound emit from my speakers for a while, turns out that was the RCAs touching something they didn't like (Amazon Basic cables are not well shielded it seems..). Still have that constant audible hum though. A bit of back and forwards with the seller seems to suggest a groundloop issue. The Marantz isn't earthed at the plug and the Arcam doesn't like that.


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Sorry to hear that! It really is very annoying. Mine could be a ground loop issue as well, I'm really not sure. I had an issue with another Sony receiver from the same line, but it ended up just being a lemon. In that instance though, it was obviously the receiver, in this case I'm not so sure.


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If you go back over previous postings you will get inklings on what to do. Basically remove every connection fromt the amplifier receiver .except of course its power lead. ThisTincludes any HDMI, any connections to TV and any FM antenna. Sw it on full blast. If there is a hum the reciever is mechanically defective. But I would expect no hum . switch it off, connect in the speakers only and increase volume from zero upwards towards full. At worst you should hear a slight hiss and no hum . If the hum is noticeably present,then the amplifier is electrically defective Then try. with the CD player the CD player should be connected to the same power outlet... .some of those recievers have switched power sockets ,if so use that. If you have hum now you do have a problem. Defective CD player is likely . Shielded leads might help, but basically there should be no hum
Next connect up the record deck. .. same process. But with one change. .remove the CD player and its leads,and its power. The change is that the leads from the vinyl player must be shielded.


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Alright, I will plan on performing the tests tomorrow, as well as picking up some good quality shielded cables for the turntable. Thanks for the assistance!

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