Question Node 2i connection to Denon x3400h.


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I realize this has been somewhat discussed before, but not exactly.

Does anyone have their AVR connected to a stereo amp AND use a node 2i?

I’ve used my stereo setup for a year which was a parasound pre and amp combo with my speakers. However I’ve integrated my AVR and amp for my newer home theater setup and would still like to use the node 2i in the same bypass type of way I did with my parasound preamp which sounded amazing.

Right now my connection is Node2i—->cd audio input in Denon x3400h——>to my parasound amp connection through the preouts on the denon.
However, the sound is faint and volume controls must be used on the denon and not the 2i, which makes me believe the denon is adding its 2 cents to the mix.
Does any one have a suggestion to get that sweet pure sound I was getting before with my preamp setup?
Thanks for any advice.

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Hi. You need to connect the Node 2i directly to the stereo pre-amp, in a spare input. Leave the AVR out of the chain entirely when listening to music (switch it off).
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