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? OK so I am new to all this Plasma talk but have decided (after reading reviews and looking at a few makes) that the Panasonic 42 inch is the one for me.

I have Telewest Cable being installed next week, already have DVD, Video, Playstation2, X-Box, Yam DSPE800 processor and Linn main amp and Tivo on Order.

So if I go out and buy a 42 inch Panasonic (I will look at latest version v last version and decide for myself) what else do I need I ask myself. Questions are:

1 I am mounting it 5 foot above the (gas) fireplace. Is this going to be a problem?

2 Will I be able to run inputs from all the above? Will I have to run cables for each source, up to the screen? Can I avoid doing this?

3 Do I need a tuner at all if I have Cable?

4 Can I get a wall bracket that tilts the screen down a bit?

5 Finally, can anyone recommend a decent dealer in London? I have compared prices and products on Tottenham Ct Road but would rather buy from someone reputable.


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Ok - here goes with most of your q's ...

1 - you can mount above fireplace, preferably one with a deepish mantlepiece to deflect the heat ... but I would check with a candle to see how soft it gets in a similar position ...

2 - there are a limited number of connectors so you might need to think about what you can/need to daisy-chain and what is important for 'best' picture quality ... the series 4 42" (charcoal) has an rgb/component input, an rgb/vga input, a composite and s-video ... but you can't use all 4 at the same time...

I might route the ps2/xbox on loopthrough the dvd player into the component phones ... the cable box/tivo to the rgb/vga (using a John Sims converter box) ... this leaves the composite/s-video for the vcr (which you ain't going to get anything better out of anyway ...)

3 - You could not bother ... only use for the tuner would be to watch something else on terrestrial whilst recording from cable ... but you can do that with tivo anyway ...

4 - not sure if the panny bracket tilts ... but pretty sure you can get a unicol one that will ... try their website or search forums here ...

5 - bit too far away to answer that one ;-) but on my last trips to town I think there is a good plasma dealer off the top end of TCR (l h side going up to edgware rd) and back in about half a mile ... has lots of plasmas on walls when I go past in taxi !!



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Your questions pose so many sub questions its none to easy to answer them all in one go.

01. Chimney breast mounting - remember the Panasonic displays use purely convection cooling so you need to ensure a good supply of cool air. Also the bezel of the display is made from plastic so wont take too much heat.

01/1. Ensure that you can sit comfortably in your preferred seating position whilst staring at an image that is 60"+ up your wall.

02. Connectivity - you will need to know/give more detail on your kit list - what video output options do you have with your DVD, VCR, PS2 and X-Box and do you need to have a video out from your Surround Sound processor for setting up its menus.

02/2. You could consider an external video processor (TAW/Silicon Image/Focus Enhancements) or new AV amp (Pioneer/Denon/Onkyo etc) if you want to pre-process your video signals to one set output type and only have one set of connectors into the plasma display.

03. No - unless you require Teletext!

04. Yes - Unicol; though it does mean that the display sits about 90mm off the wall; even in the 'flat' position.

05. No - you have to come North for a good dealer :)

Trust this helps.


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