Nobody 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments


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I watched this on P & O's ship Britannia last week in my cabin....not much in the way of hi def pic or sound but still a very enjoyable film. Recommended.


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Thanks Cas. On our Rental List, and looking forward to this. :)

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Films like this - small with an indy flavour - are best enjoyed before the hype. The hype really does ruin it.

Great film! Bob Odenkirk is amazing in everything (Better Call Saul has taken him to another level). So glad he is getting variety of roles and being allowed to shine. I liked the length - short and sharp. It knows what it is and does it well.


It was the least "Ritchie" film he's ever made though, i had to double check it was indeed a Guy Ritchie film, zero flair.
Yeah, totally - but he used such clean, propulsive and well composed frames in this. I really responded to the less 'gimmicky' visual nature of it. Don't get me wrong - I love Snatch and Lock Stock (and how they were shot) but found it really interesting how he totally adjusted his visual style to suit the narrative.


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I thought the same, I enjoyed the film overall but thought the 3rd act was too over the top and didn't really fit too well with the rest of the film. Re. the quote in Cas' review "Almost self-aware, but not to the point of parody; almost laugh-out-loud, but not to the point of farce" for me, the film did cross that line into a bit too much of a farce, I thought Kate and Wrath Of Man were better movies in the genre. I would score it a 6.5.

GTFO, Wrath of Man was awful.
Just seen Wrath of Man. if someone thinks that dog plop was better than Nobody? WOW I have no more words that wont get me banned.


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Watched it last night, really enjoyed it. And the picture quality on my Oled was very good and it was just 1080p Blu-ray.


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Ordered it after reading the review and watched it last night.

I have to say I really enjoyed it, but unlike Cas I did LOL a couple of times. Once was a really nice blink-and-you-miss-it touch in the factory near the end involving a board, the other was the bullet efficient takedown.

Having slept on it I think that for me it was absolutely at it's best until we see him eating dinner at the club. Around about that time it was about to go from gritty and believable to something on par with Commando meets Home Alone. I still enormously liked it on the first watch but it does dampen my enthusiasm for any sequel thinking it will be hard to get down to gritty again. For example I dearly loved the late scene in the old people's home, but I wish they'd have left it there.

I'm very glad for both the tone of it though (level of graphic violence and who it was directed at) and the humour as it made it an easy going watch which so many films aren't (having just come out of Salt for example).

I'm not sure I liked the protagonist's background as ultimately it took away from what preconception I had of who nobody was.... but it did give the film a very dark background which wasn't as moving or obvious as the original Rambo but was there in plain sight in my, ahem, eyes.


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Got this today from Amazon Spain in the deal for £13 and watched it. Tremendous entertainment . Loved it. Mixture of John Wick, Taken, Home Alone and the last Rambo with a great lead performance. PQ with HDR was very decent and atmos sound was awesome cranked up.
Sequel pretty please 👍

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