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Gripping review Cas; you make the film seem like and extremely tempting controversial treat. I am one of those people you mention in the second part of your review; a conscionable atheist with a disdain for the vulgarities and cruelties of the OT. Despite that, or perhaps because of it, I'll find it hard to ignore this movie. Besides, I love a good fantasy epic.

Looking forward to it :smashin:.


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Great review, think I might see this one!

Penultimate paragraph
"...and expects is to believe that the threat..."
should the is be an us ??



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I saw it last night in IMAX at the Trafford Centre. I thought it was tedious. The only thing that kept me awake was the stupidly loud soundtrack. Was there any need to have it so flippin loud? I had my fingers in my ears at the really loud bits. Thank God my IMAX tickets were freebies coz I would have been gutted to have had to pay to see the film


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I saw this there other night and didn't think it was very good, i wouldn't pay for this film but we all like different things :), now the quiet ones, that was a brilliant film worth watching


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I thought this movie wasn't very good at all. 5/10


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Thought it quite good, some superb visuals.
You're right about Emma Watson whilst showing some passable acting in this movie I would still say she is the female equivalent of Orlando Bloom.

Solomon Grundy

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Terrible. Boring story with some kind of rock based transformers involved and CGI twin babies toward the end. I didn't spot any pandas among the animals either which was a huge mistake on the directors part because everyone knows that pandas are brilliant. Emma Watson is hilariously bad. 3/10.

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