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I'm now approaching the build stage of my home cinema, it's going to be a dedicated room, converting the garage.
The builders are ready to move in and get cracking so I need to ensure all the details are correct.
As I hate wires (and so does my mum) they all need to be hidden, so my plan was to have speaker wall plates where each speaker will be placed, likewise a HDMI plate behind the TV and Projector. Then run each wire behind the wall to the amp.
I'm new to all this so does that sound like a plan? Will there be any loss in quality having to use two wires for each thing - wire from speaker to plate, plate to amp and likewise with the HDMI or is it fine?

Many more questions to come so thank you in advance.



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Paddy, I cannot really answer your question, although I suspect any difference when using faceplates (speaker, HDMI etc.) will be negligible.

I've just finished my living room conversion. The original plan was cheaper speaker cable (10p/metre) terminated at the wall with screw plugs and wiring the speakers to this. With my existing speakers this sounds absolutely fine. I'm yet to order my new proper speakers, so only time will tell - but I have more expensive cable at the ready just in case. (Unfortunately this is now not in the walls!)

So, going back to your question. If you use good quality cabling from the start (I'm not suggesting you spend a fortune, but don't default to the cheapest) I think you will be fine. From my research, if you're looking at more than 10m of HDMI cable you may want to consider alternatives. One good tip is to test the cable when it is delivered and before it is installed. This should reveal many potential problems.

An alternative to terminating at the wall is to use brush faceplates. These give you a fairly neat finish and allow you to use a single cable with no joins from source to destination.



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The majority of my stuff (ex speaker cable) came from TLC, therefore I purchased the faceplates from them. Their price seems to be fairly good relative to others.

After spending many hours trawling through information about speaker cables I went for Van Damme Studio Grade Blue Speaker Cable 2.5mm. It cost just over £2/metre. The company I purchased it from no longer stock it. I also purchased some Fisual S-Flex cable for the rears (which has gone in the wall). Both look like good quality cable, I cannot tell you if it makes any difference yet (to my ears).

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