no video from TV capture card


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I get sound but no Video.
I've had a couple of still images appear at the start but that's it.

Capture Card: Leadtek WinFast 2000xp Expert
Graphics Card: Radeon 9600 non pro
MOBO: ECS K7s5a (the capture card has an audio jumper to this)

I've got the latest drivers for both cards and I've installed the Direct 9.0b patch.

Also, when outputting from my Radeon to a TV as a monitor, video sources are just a blue square, so what gives there.

And the power adaptor for my wireless switch just gave up so my networ's down. Poo!


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check your primary display in your display properties is the display you're using to view video.


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fixed it!
For reference, if anyone else gets a similar problem it was solved eventually by re-seating the card in another PCI slot. In this case right up next to the graphics card, as apposed to the last slot at the bottom of the case.
A friend had mentioned he'd got interupt troubles seating an old TV capture card "far out" in the last PCI slot. I'm not convinced of the science but it's fixed mine.

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