No Tv with NTL?


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Hi i've been with NTL for around 4 years but the last 2 years i've had the following services with them:

Phone Line
1mb BB
4mb BB

All together it comes to around £50 per month.Recently though i've been starting to think we should be getting tv as part of the deal,we still have a set top box but it only gives us channels 1-5.
So I was after some advice about how to broach the subject with NTL in order to get a good package? Do I go down the threaten to cancel route?

Any advice welcome



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I am pretty sure that if you subscribe to another service you can get the TV for free.

Have a look on NTL's web site, think you get around 30 channels


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They have a few deals on the website which might suit you. Not sure if they will let you switch over to them but they should if you are taking an extra service.

For £49.99 a month you can get 4Mb broadband, family pack TV (gives you over 100 TV channels) & talk unlimited phone.

Why do you have 2 broadband services from them? Can't you use one link with a router?
For £30 a month you should get..

Tv..with many extra channels.

So you are being ripped off!

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