'No timeline' for Dawnguard release date for PS3 and PC

Discussion in 'Gaming News' started by Stephen Carter, Jul 27, 2012.

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    It appears that there seems to be no limit or restrictions as to when Bethesda can announce their latest DLC for the PS3 and PC.

    Microsoft had signed a deal with the company that secured exclusivity over the download only content (and announcements with regards to other platforms) for a short period but it seems as if that period is over after a recent Twitter post.

    It was spotted that a Bethesda employee said, "We have not announced Dawnguard for any other platform, nor given a timeline for any such news. If we have news, I promise I'd tell you."


    The first two add-on packs for the RPG will be available exclusively on the 360 at least thirty days before any other platform.

    It is baffling though as to why Microsoft didn't secure such a deal with the PC content too in order to completely dominate the marketplace for a short period.

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