no time for etiquette, what is going on please

Sqweeky Badger

Active Member
my friends 360 hard drive just wiped, well his gamer score just dissapererd and
he can't sign in where has it gone

any time he tries to recover it. it just says no such address

everything has been checked about a dozon times now its got me stumped


did it just wipe or did he reformat it ?

have you tried attaching your hdd to his 360 ? maybe his hdd is just faulty.

Sqweeky Badger

Active Member
just rang M$ and thay have helped him get his gamer tag stuff, but the hd has 9 gig left but says it is full and won't let him recover... so he's going to take it back

but thanks again av people, you always respond fast

cheers mc

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