No test tone on front presence speakers with Yamaha 2060


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I’m running the test tone on set up on my Yamaha 2060. It works on all the others but not the front presence. These seem to be working though so not sure if this is an issue.

Also I can’t find my YPAO microphone that came with the 2060 so need to buy a new one. Is there a dB recommendation for my set up. I have RS8s front set at +5, and RSLCR set at +3.5, sub set at +5, front presence SVS elevation primes set to +7 and rears set to +10 as can’t hear them as much. Using Atmos on 13 Hours DVD on blu ray to test them out. Not sure why these are my settings tbh, they’ve just ended up like that. Advice appreciated

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